Behind The Scenes

Hello, it’s me – Ella. I’m the face behind ATW.

I always think it’s nice to know the people behind a brand, so I thought I would include a “behind the scenes” section to introduce myself and the amazing people involved, those who help bring All The While to life.

For me, there is something dreamlike about timeless pieces and classic designs that stand the test of time and “breathe” pure elegance. I love that the garments created here are pieces that you will keep forever and hopefully will hold some kind of sentiment or memory.

Every garment in the collection has been well considered and chosen to reflect the ATW brand story: Season-less, timeless, classics. ATW is all about responsible production, making only what is needed, so you’ll always have to pre-order our pieces. Holding no stock garments is something that I am really proud of.

I hope you love what you see here. The love that goes into ATW is so genuine, as are the amazing group of ladies behind the scenes who share the same values and passion.

As for me personally, day-to-day I am a wife and a proud mum of 2 to - Ivy Blake (6) and Louis George (3). I like to think of myself as a creative dreamer; a lover of beautiful classics and a believer in the importance of designing a life you truly love.

Xx Ella 

Katie – Graphic Designer – London, UK

London based designer Katie Campbell collaborated with All The While in its early stages of brand development. She now designs the ATW marketing collateral, while consulting on creative aspects of the brand. She looks to classic, minimal references in her design. We think we are a match made in heaven.

Ash – Photographer – Hamilton, NZ

Ash Muir is the face behind @ashmuirphoto and the talented creative working alongside ATW. Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Ash works and travels as a freelance wedding photographer, but her biggest passion is working for sustainable New Zealand fashion brands. An avid op-shopper, Ash is always on the hunt for unique and pre-loved vintage pieces to reinvent, style and photograph. 

Angela – Seamstress – Hamilton, NZ


Angela Tremayne is the talented sample seamstress behind ATW. Working closely alongside Ella, Angela helps to bring the concepts to life by constructing all the designs. Highly experienced having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Angela is ATW’s primary seamstress, creating every garment with true passion and care.

Nika – Model – Auckland, NZ


Nika Upston is the original face of All The While and close friend of Ella, having studied marketing at university together. Loving everything creative, Nika has a passion for fashion and timeless style, naturally aligning with the ATW vision. She has a love for travel, pilates and spending time with her fur babies Albert, Mac and Teddy. Currently a Mum-to-be, Nika is taking a break from being in front of the camera. We look forward to seeing her in ATW garments again soon!

Ann Maree - Makeup Artist – Hamilton, NZ

Ann Maree Parsons is the talented makeup artist behind ATW. Owner of Florence Brow Studio, Ann Maree has been in the industry for many years, recently introducing brow work to her caliber. Mum of 3 to Lani, Ozzy and Teddy, Ann Maree has a love for fashion and interiors and is particularly drawn to sustainable interior styling.

Liz – Stylist – Hamilton, NZ


Liz Viviani is the creative stylist behind several ATW styled shoots. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years, Liz has an eye for design and understands the fundamentals in achieving an effortless style. She enjoys the challenge of putting together new and vintage pieces and is a big believer that having great style does not mean that you need to follow the latest trends.

Kirstie - Model - Hamilton, NZ

Kirstie Hunter is a Waikato based design and build specialist, sharing her love and knowledge of interior design by helping clients with their new home build. Feeling most at peace at the beach, Kirstie loves spending time with her family and friends and her beloved dog Jack.

Caitlin – Model – Hamilton, NZ

Qualified accountant, Caitlin Roa is currently studying towards her CA. Her biggest passion in life is people, volunteering 20 hours a month to Seed Waikato, a not-for-profit movement which aims to bring millennials together to improve their wellbeing. Admittedly goofy, Caitlin loves to joke around, bringing life and a fun time behind the ATW shoot scene. 

Georgie – Model – Hamilton, NZ

Georgie Le Mon is no stranger to the fashion industry, having modeled for numerous New Zealand and international designers. Discovering she thrives the best outside her comfort zone, Georgie always looks for ways to keep her passions alive and has recently found a new and exciting venture in makeup artistry.

Marina - Model - Auckland, NZ

South African born Marina Roodt is new to ATW. Based in Auckland, Marina has a passion for animals, her dream job being to work with the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket who rescue and rehome street dogs. Marina loves walking and training her 3-year-old fur baby, a Rottweiler cross named Boston and scouting for the best coconut milk cappuccinos.

Cath - Florist - Hamilton, NZ

Cath is the talented florist behind some of the stunning florals featured throughout our photography. Owner of Aster & Bloom, a floral styling, design and retail business, Cath is super passionate about what she creates. Complementing our ATW aesthetic perfectly, her style is feminine, romantic and fresh. If she’s not found knee deep in florals, Cath enjoys spending time with her husband and dog Henry, or getting stuck into a good crossword.


Nami - Model - Hamilton, NZ

German-Japanese Nami Julia, has a passion for all things creative and is particularly passionate about fashion and connecting with new people. In her free time, she loves spending time in the outdoors, hiking and discovering hidden gems. She also enjoys taking her motorbike for a spin and searching for the next big adventure.

Frankie - Model – Hamilton, NZ

19-year-old Frankie Pepperell is currently studying Law at the University of Waikato. Passionate about travel and seeing the world, Frankie has just returned from touring Greece and has more exciting travel in the pipeline. Frankie featured as one of our first ever models and we hope to see more of her in upcoming photoshoots.

Clare – Graphic Designer – Tauranga, NZ


Clare Mansfield has been instrumental in helping the ATW brand come to life. Clare was commissioned to hand-draw the wabi-sabi style illustration that accompanies the ATW logo, revitalising her true passion in art. Having worked on various projects in the fashion industry, Clare has a love for ethical New Zealand brands and businesses that enrich people’s lives.

Brittany - Model - Hamilton, NZ  

Brittany (24) featured as one of our first ever models in a collaboration with Ash Muir Photography and Liz Viviani Styling. Brittany has a love for travel and immersing herself in culture, recently backpacking solo around Europe and India for 4 months. Always planning her next adventure, Brittany has The Wall of China listed as one of her dream travel destinations.


Helen - Model - Hamilton, NZ 

Mama of one Helen is passionate about the welfare of children and animals. Helen studied sociology at the universities of Auckland and Waikato and now works with dogs and engagement for the Waikato District Council. Helen will always think of Northland as home but loves the rural lifestyle, that she shares with her husband, son and dog Butters, out by Mount Pirongia.

Helen - Model - Hamilton, NZ

Helen has recently returned to NZ, after living in Australia for 7 years, with the motivation to claim favourite Aunty status. A PA in real-estate, Helen has a passion for singing and is just a little bit obsessed with county music. In her down time, you can find her reading Harry Potter books, eating lollies and practising yoga.

Marnie - Makeup Artist - Hamilton, NZ

Marnie is the talented makeup artist behind our May 2020 shoot – Marnie Jade Makeup Artist. Based in Hamilton, Marnie has over 10 years’ experience in the industry and specialises in wedding/bridal. A busy Mum of 3, Marnie enjoys spending time with her family as well as creating beautiful gel nails for her clients.